Get Snow, Give Hope with the Get Flurried Fundraiser

Get Flurried Fundraiser

The Get Flurried Fundraiser is a special way to have some fun and support an excellent cause. Melissa and Mark Matthews, plus Courtney Jewell, join us with all the details:

Your kids and their friends can have a winter wonderland for an afternoon, even if Wilmington weather is being uncooperative as it usually is. The Get Flurried Fundraiser delivers fake snow that is completely biodegradable and safe to play in. This is a great idea for families, birthday parties, and even assisted living facilities. In addition to providing fun time in the snow, the $50 cost goes toward a life-changing cause. 

The Restored Souls Foundation’s goal is the glorify God by restoring hope for families one at a time. Focused on families with all kinds of needs, they minister to those with foster children, adopted children, and the medically fragile. Full vacations are provided to these families in need, including doctors willing to donate time to help supply daily care.

There are many ways you can help provide respite for these families going through difficult challenges. You can participate in the Get Flurried Fundraiser, donate to help purchase a bed and breakfast for long-term ministry, or donate time at a property you own. 

To connect with the Restored Souls Foundation on any of these opportunities, call 910-800-1418 or go to

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