God’s Anointed in Need (GAIN) Gives Rest to Ministers

God's Anointed in Need

Rachel Embler of God’s Anointed in Need (GAIN) joins Craig Thomas for this week’s Ministry Focus. Hear the interview now:

What is GAIN?

God’s Anointed in Need (GAIN) is an organization providing full-week retreats to pastors, missionaries, and nonprofit ministry directors. These all-inclusive retreats cover food, activities, counseling, worship and devotional time.

Why is GAIN important?

Embler is a pastor’s child and minister’s wife in Topsail. As a result, she understands the difficulties of being a family in full-time ministry. In addition to dealing with countless challenges, pastoral families often feel isolated. However, a retreat at GAIN is an opportunity for these families to receive a dose of grace. Attendees return home refreshed, ready to continue their calling.

How can we help?

If you’d like to offer assistance or donations to God’s Anointed in Need, give online at gainretreats.org. You can also call 919-634-5658.

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