The Carolinas' Praise & Worship, the Dove 89.7


Prayer is an important part of the ministry of the Dove 89.7. As a staff, we gather together to pray for our listeners. We invite you to be a part of this prayer ministry by praying for the requests listed here. If you pray for someone, click the “I prayed for this” button so the person who requested prayer will be encouraged, knowing that they are being lifted up by their brothers and sisters in Christ.

You can also submit your own request to be shared here or kept private with our staff. 

So how can we pray for you, friend?


Our son was healed from an incurable eye disease in January! Praise Jesus! Unfortunately, his eyes have been under serious spiritual attack since his last doctor's appointment. He did not pass the eye exam for his right eye. I failed it too. His doctor spoke lies to our son, telling him he needs surgery. There is no surgery for this eye issue. Our son can look in the mirror and when he sees his right eye turn in, say "Eye be straight in the name of Jesus". His eye immediately straightens. Please pray for the Lord's complete and permanent healing manifestation on his eyes- Bless you!

Received: December 2, 2019