Ricky Leonard Ministries Holds “The Wave” Tent Meeting

The Wave

Jesus is the best place to put our hope, right, friend? And there’s a local organization that wants to remind you of that with a special upcoming event. Mary and Sarah Leonard join us for our Ministry Focus with all the details on “The Wave,” an upcoming tent outreach:

Ricky Leonard Ministries is holding a tent outreach entitled “The Wave” on April 16th at 6:30pm. Faith Life Fellowship is joining them with the project, hosting at 726 Wellington Avenue in Wilmington. Their goal is to bring hope and renewal to people who have been in discouragement. You’re invited to receive a message of hope and encouragement, plus bring a lost friend with whom to share the gospel.

On Saturday, April 17th from 10am to 12pm, the hope-sharing continues with a special event for children. This children’s outreach in the same tent will be an interactive way to preach the gospel. Kids will enjoy games, snacks and prizes.

You can be a part of the events that weekend in many ways. Mary and Sarah ask first that you pray over the events. Second, you can volunteer to help. Contact them through Facebook or their website rickyleonard.net

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