Second Mile Church Launches Soon in Wilmington

Second mile Church

Who would start a church in such a time as this? Adam Mew, that’s who. He’s the pastor of Second Mile Church, a new church family launching soon in Wilmington. The name of the church comes from Matthew 5:41 where Jesus says, “if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.” In the same way, Mew and the church aims to go the extra mile in ministry.

“Jesus is our message from the beginning,” Mew explains. “We are going to be a generous church, a serving church… Kids ministry is going to be a huge thing, stretching them to be who God calls them to be.” 

The goal of Second Mile Church is to see all people experience deeper friendships, a bigger God, and fuller lives in Christ.

The church plans for an official opening on Sunday January 31st in a location yet to be decided. However, you can get involved with this new family of faith this Sunday October 4th, 2020, in Ogden Park. At 5:30pm, you can join their launch party at shelter #1 and meet the team already gathered. 

RSVP for the launch party at In addition to their website, you can also connect with Adam Mew and Second Mile Church on Facebook and Instagram.

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